Contact: Kate Constalie

Madison, Wisconsin – The future of Wisconsin’s clean water is in danger as Republicans in the State Senate are poised to weaken environmental protections. Assembly Bill 499 (AB 499) would remove the “Prove it First” law that requires mining operations to provide proof that a sulfide mine can operate without polluting groundwater and surface waters with acid drainage.

“If these minerals could be safely extracted without endangering our water and land, companies would be mining today under current law,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “Similar to the Foxconn bill, this will end up costing every single Wisconsin taxpayer in clean-up, legal, and health costs. Rather than letting special interests write their own set of rules, we need to take a balanced and commonsense approach to protect taxpayers, local communities and access to clean drinking water.”

As the most toxic industry in the U.S., sulfide mining is responsible for poisoning the environment with dangerous carcinogens and neurotoxins like arsenic, mercury and lead.

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