Contact: Kate Constalie

Madison, Wisconsin — Another dismal jobs report brings bad news for families already feeling the pinch this holiday season. The national ‘Gold Standard’ jobs report released this week marks the 6th straight year Wisconsin has trailed the nation in job creation and represents one of the longest periods of economic stagnation in Wisconsin history. Gov. Walker’s policies have slowed Wisconsin’s economy over the past six years and resulted in 110,000 fewer jobs than what would have been created had the state kept pace with the national average.

“Wisconsin working families are paying the price for Gov. Walker’s dismal economic record as they struggle with student loan debt, child care costs and health care premiums,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “Over the last six years, Republicans have cut wages, outsourced jobs and stripped away worker rights. Rather than growing our middle class and investing in Wisconsin jobs, Gov. Walker continues to prioritize tax breaks for the wealthy and massive giveaways to foreign corporations.”

Job creation in Wisconsin has declined sharply since Gov. Walker took office. The state dropped below average for job creation in 2011 and has trailed the national rate in every economic quarter since the creation of Gov. Walker’s Economic Development Corporation and the historic Republican cuts to Wisconsin schools. A recent report showed Wisconsin’s sluggish economic performance over the past six years has cost the state more than 100,000 jobs when compared with the national average.

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