MPS shirks responsibility to transport choice students

Madison, WI – Yesterday, the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty sued the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) on behalf of Saint Joan Antida (SJA), a private school choice high school. MPS refuses busing rights to dozens of students from the high school. Senator Duey Stroebel (R-Cedarburg) released the following statement:

It is a sad day when parents have to go to court to ensure their children have transportation to attend the school of their choice. For decades, the Milwaukee Parental School Choice program has provided thousands of students the opportunity out of failing schools and the hope for success. For generations, educational establishment have blocked much needed reforms to ensure all Milwaukee students have the same road to success.

All students regardless of where they are enrolled in school deserve equal rights to transportation. Studies show students are far more successful when they continue at the same school. School continuity is crucial for success. Transportation ensures students attend school each and every day irrespective of where they live in the city of Milwaukee.

MPS should immediately heed SJA’s request to bus these students. After all, the students’ parents are property tax payers in the district.

I will continue to monitor the situation as it develops.

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