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Madison, Wisconsin – The state Senate was in session today. Several bills authored or co-sponsored by Senator Duey Stroebel (R-Cedarburg) were passed by the legislative body.

Assembly Bill 450 allows vendors to receive an alcohol permit from the state for purpose of retail sales and alcohol consumption at the Ozaukee County Fairgrounds. The vendor would have to have a license to sell alcohol from a municipality in Ozaukee County. The bill passed on a bipartisan voice vote and was authored by Senator Stroebel and Representative Rob Brooks. The bill heads to the Governor’s desk.

“Assembly Bill 450 solves a problem for the Ozaukee County Fairgrounds,” stated Senator Stroebel. “Weddings, banquets and other events were in jeopardy at the Fairgrounds because of ridiculous liquor permit laws in Wisconsin. All alcohol vendors will be Ozaukee County businesses.”

Tough on Crime Bill Package

“In recent weeks, I have had discussions with law enforcement officials in Ozaukee and Washington Counties concerned about the encroachment of crime in our area,” said Senator Stroebel. “It is crucial we do as much as we can to use punishment as a deterrent to keep our communities safe. I applaud Senator Vukmir for her leadership on this issue.”

Senate Bill 52 would remove the three-year limit on how long someone can be placed in a correction facility for children and youth for committing certain offenses. The bill passed on a bipartisan voice vote.

Senate Bill 53 changes the process for expunging from someone’s crime record they committed while under the age of 25. The bill was approved 30-2.

Senate Bill 54 would require the Department of Corrections to recommend revoking extended supervision, parole or probation for anyone charged with a crime while on any of the three. The bill passed the Senate 21-12.

Senate Bill 55 would increase the mandatory minimum sentence to five years (current law is three years) for murder, second-degree homicide and other repeat violent offenses. The bill passed 20-13.

Senate Bill 56 would add a mandatory minimum sentence of three years for those who possess a gun if prohibited from doing so as a condition of their probation, parole or extended supervision for a felony or violent misdemeanor. The bill passed 29-4.

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