CONTACT: Ethan J. Hollenberger
Communications Director
State Senator Duey Stroebel

Madison, WI – Senator Duey Stroebel (R-Cedarburg) released the following statement after the signing of the state budget:

This budget has been made better with Governor Walker’s vetoes. I applaud the Governor’s efforts to eliminate excessive spending and policy that needed more public scrutiny.

I thank the Governor for supporting voter control when it comes to school referendums and ensuring tax increases will require voter support.

This budget focuses on the next generation with improved parent choices and resources for K-12 education, job training grants, welfare reform and targeted performance increases for higher education.

I thank Governor Walker for his commitment to cost-savings measures. I am hopeful that Governor Walker’s creation of the Inspector General for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will yield much needed savings in the department.

I am encouraged this budget improves the teacher pipeline with streamlined teacher licensure and competitive grants for organizations training new teachers in urban or low income settings.

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