Stroebel: System President must determine if firing was over political speech 

Madison, WI – On Monday, UW – La Crosse fired a campus police dispatcher. Through an attorney, the dispatcher accused the university of firing her for political reasons. UW-L Chancellor Joe Gow told La Crosse Tribune, “We always follow due process and policy if anyone is let go.” By Wednesday evening, Gow had offered reinstatement to the employee because due process hearings had not been held.

Senator Duey Stroebel (R-Cedarburg) issued the following statement on the matter:

In a time when campuses have become bastions for hypersensitivity, Chancellor Gow has perpetrated an environment where a mere complaint could cost a person her job. This does not foster discussion or debate – which many academics claim is the purpose of higher education.

UW System should immediately review what happened in this case. There is no excuse for a taxpayer funded institution skipping due process procedures when terminating an employee over free speech.

Week after week we hear story after story of universities not protecting free speech. President Ray Cross should ensure all UW System campuses comply with the Constitution and due process. I look forward to his report. 

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