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(MADISON) – Today, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke stated that he has accepted a position with the United States Department of Homeland of Security. Following the news, Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement:

“While Sheriff Clarke’s departure is good news for Milwaukee County, it affirms the 45th President’s lack of clear judgement and regard for the safety of our nation and its people.

“Since Clarke failed in his duty to protect human lives in Milwaukee County’s jail and abused his authority by harassing and threating residents, why would the 45th President even consider Clarke for an appointment?

“Under Clarke’s leadership, children to the mentally ill have suffered and died, resulting in multiple costly lawsuits that stick Milwaukee taxpayers with the bill as Clarke giddy ups and rides to D.C. I pray for the sake of human life that Sheriff Clarke has learned from the horror show that he has left behind in Milwaukee County.”

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