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(MADISON) – State Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) and Rep. David Crowley unveiled the “Community-Police Relations Improvement Act” in response to the growing lack of trust between law enforcement and communities of color. Tragic altercations between the police and the members of the community that go unchecked and undiscussed do not serve the city, its officers or its citizens.

The longer we ignore our challenges and fail to rebuild those relationships, the more difficult it will be for police to protect and serve effectively and for citizens to trust them and feel safe in their own neighborhoods. The Police-Community Relations Improvement Act aims to grow community safety and trust by providing grants for police departments to engage in community police strategies that build relationships in the neighborhoods in which we serve.

Senator Taylor offered the following remarks:

“There has been a long history of distrust in this country between community members and the police who serve them. The first step to making our neighborhoods safer is rebuilding the relationships between law enforcement and their communities; the Community-Police Relations Improvement Act aims to do just that.”

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