Industrial Hemp on the Verge of Returning to Wisconsin

Freedom to Farm Act Passes Both Houses Unanimously

Madison, WI – In a move supported by farmers throughout Wisconsin, both houses of the state legislature voted unanimously to pass the Farm Freedom Act, which would end the state’s decades-long prohibition on the cultivation of industrial hemp. Hemp – a fibrous plant used in the manufacture of hundreds of products including brake pads, lotion, protective vests, and building materials – was made illegal because of its relation to the marijuana plant, even though hemp lacks the psychoactive properties of marijuana.

The Farm Freedom Act’s authors, Senator Patrick Testin (Stevens Point) and Representative Jesse Kremer (Kewaskum), were both pleased at the bill’s strong bi-partisan support.

“Over the last year, we’ve worked with farmers, processors, and our colleagues to craft a bill that ensures Wisconsin growers will be poised to take the lead in an industry that was once dominated by Wisconsin farmers,” said Rep. Kremer. “Today’s unanimous vote is a product of that thorough process and will be the catalyst to create new careers and rural hi tech manufacturing in the decades to come.”

“We’re on the verge of once again increasing opportunity for Wisconsin farmers,” said Sen. Testin. “Wisconsin has been a leader in hemp cultivation before, and this bill empowers our farmers to take the lead again.”

The bill now needs only the Governor’s signature to become law.


Senator Patrick Testin (608) 266-3123

Representative Jesse Kremer (608) 266-9175


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