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Brookfield, Wis. — State Sen. Leah Vukmir, R-Brookfield, issued the following statement following the release of the report from the Wisconsin Department of Justice that said her emails as far back as 2009, including personal emails with her daughter were collected, sorted and kept during the John Doe witch hunts by Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm and the now defunct Government Accountability Board:

“The upsetting news that my privacy was violated as personal emails between my daughter and I were obtained, read and kept by those who ran the John Doe investigation is absolutely appalling. This criminal behavior is inexcusable, and the individuals involved in this belong in prison.

“I am horrified to learn again just how invasive this witch hunt was into nearly every part of every major Wisconsin conservative’s life. Now it’s confirmed that it reached my own, even so far as to collect private medical information included in my emails with my daughter and stored in a file titled ‘opposition research.’

“My privacy has been violated in such a brazen way by those who targeted me, my friends, and even my family. No political motivation justifies this. The thought of my government intentionally and illegally targeting me is sickening.

“Today reminds me just how important it was that Gov. Walker, my legislative colleagues and our supporters worked to rein in the abuses of the John Doe investigations. The elimination of the Government Accountability Board was critical, and despite the fact I was specifically targeted, I have never been prouder to have authored a piece of legislation that defends our Constitutional rights.”

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