Contact: Van Wanggaard, 608-266-1832

“I am happy to vote for a budget that provides a record investment in K-12 education, eliminates waiting lists for 2,200 children with disabilities, freezes tuition at UW Schools, and provides additional funding for special education and mental health. These priorities are shared by a majority of Wisconsinites.

These investments are made while still delivering meaningful tax relief. In 2014, I campaigned on eliminating the state forestry property tax, which hits every homeowner. In this budget, I deliver on that promise. In addition, we finally begin the elimination of the job-killing personal property tax, and completely eliminate the alternative minimum tax. Property taxes on the average home will be lower than in 2010 and 2014, meeting another campaign promise.

Locally, we give Racine Unified another year to try to turn the district around, while ensuring there are consequences if they do not succeed. Along with the Foxconn bill, we restart the I-94 North-South project after 6 long years, and fund repairs and expansions at UW-Parkside and Gateway Tech.

As with any budget, there are items I disagree with, and items that didn’t make the cut that were deserving. On the whole, the positives in this budget, record K-12 education funding, caring for our sick and vulnerable, delivering property tax relief and completely eliminating 2 whole taxes, greatly outweigh any negatives.”

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