Contact: Lauren Young
Former Chief of Staff and Press Secretary
Committee to Elect Ryan Solen for Congress

Mount Pleasant, WI – Ryan Solen, the 2016 Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin, has officially decided that he will not be running against Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan in the 2018 election cycle.

“My campaign in 2016 was a true grassroots effort to effect change within the district, as well as the country. I started as a complete unknown, stuck to principles and issues that I believed in, and, in the end, I was proud of the campaign despite not winning the seat. It is up to all of us to take care of each other in this country. The United States will only remain united if we seek ways that we can lift others out of poverty, reduce the drug epidemic, prove that everyone’s health is of equal value regardless of income, and many other ideas that we can improve upon.

Because of some personal health issues, I am unable to fully commit the time it would take to run an effective campaign. Therefore, it is a better choice at this time for me to step aside and allow another well qualified candidate to make the push to win back the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin.

Today I would like to declare my support for David Yankovich to seek the nomination. David is smart, tenacious, and will work around the clock to put on the strongest campaign possible. He is still exploring a run but my endorsement of him is emphatic and whole-hearted. Of the many people who appear to be exploring primary campaigns, I believe David Yankovich is the only one who can win against Paul Ryan. Should he declare, I will do everything I can to see that he is the Democratic nominee and, later, the winner of the general election.”



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