Three reasons we will get this done:
The reason I feel good where we are, is number one: This is good policy. We are repealing Obamacare, and replacing it with good Republican tax policy. And, number two, Tom Price is working really hard in getting us the kind of regulatory relief—he’s doing what Kathleen Sebelius and Silvia Burwell did in reverse, which will dramatically deregulate the health insurance marketplace. Let the states go back to being in charge of regulating their marketplaces. . . . We have good reforms.

Number two: We’ve got a promise to keep. We promised the American people we would repeal and replace this law. We have to do it for real. . . . a real promise kept is one where we actually use the only process we have to actually repeal this law. And so, I believe at the end of the day, members are going to say, ‘I’m going to keep my promise to the people who voted for me and sent me to office.’

And number three: We have a very engaged president. I am so pleased and impressed with Donald Trump and Mike Pence, who are really leaning into this thing, working hard, talking to members, brokering things, getting it done, leaning into it. So we have an engaged president, we have a prominent promise to keep, and we have good policy. Those three combinations are very, very good.”

It will reverse government-run health care:
“[Liberals] just have this ideological quest for basically government-run health care—single-payer health care. They see Obamacare as a means to that end. They wanted to get it all in the full swoop and they have always believed that the system would probably collapse the insurance companies, they would be in power when that happens, and then they’d have what we call the public option where they’d just put in place a government program that would give cradle to grave health care and voila—you got government-run health care.They want to hold on to that dream and that’s why they’re in denial that this stage of their march toward government-run health care is collapsing. The insurers are leaving the market, the premiums are skyrocketing, and no one is using it. A lot of folks just can’t afford it and you’ve got the pull-outs where they don’t have a choice anymore.”

And it will mean a promise kept:
The health care law is collapsing. If we don’t replace it with patient-centered, Republican-based conservative reforms, it will just increase the cry for socialized medicine, and it will be a fundamental broken promise. There is no more prominent promise any Republican has made over the last seven years than this one. . . . This is the one real chance and opportunity we have to repeal and replace the law.”

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