AshLee Strong, Doug Andres

WASHINGTON—To help expand opportunities for veterans, there will no longer be a 15-year time limit on the use of GI bill benefits.

Signed into law today, the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act makes it so that veterans can use their education benefits whenever they choose. That’s why this is often called the ‘Forever’ GI bill.

This bipartisan expansion of the GI bill—which passed in the House and Senate with unanimous support—also makes it easier for post-9/11 Purple Heart recipients to get GI bill benefits, and gives veterans a better shot at in-demand science and technology jobs.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) applauded enactment of the measure:

“This is a landmark in helping our veterans make a good transition and pursue their passion. It is the biggest expansion of the GI bill in a decade. We will keep working to see that our veterans get the world-class care and treatment that they and their families have earned. I commend the Republicans and Democrats who came together in bipartisan fashion to get this done.”

In June, Congress passed—and President Trump signed—an overhaul of the way the VA does business, a direct response to the national scandals of the last three years. Recently, the House approved the highest level of funding ever for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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