Ian Martorana

This week is already shaping up to be busy in Wisconsin’s First District. Paul’s employers in the First District care about jobs, so that’s his focus too.

On Thursday morning, Paul attended the groundbreaking of Building One for SHINE Medical. The opening of SHINE’s first facility—where they will begin to build prototypes and train employees –is just the latest example of Wisconsin being open for business. Foxconn, Dollar General, and now SHINE are diverse businesses—a high tech manufacturer, a retailer, and a developer of medical isotopes—and they have all chosen to create jobs here in Wisconsin.

As Paul said at the groundbreaking, the Badger State has the best workers in the world, and they are the core of what makes Wisconsin so attractive to businesses of all types.

Paul maintains that “’the key is to keep ahead of the curve, and land the kind of high-skill manufacturing jobs that are as close to irreplaceable as possible, so when our kids get out of school, they will want to stay here. That does not happen by accident … We have great research, a great educational system here in Wisconsin, from Ph.D. engineering to really good skills training’ from technical colleges.” (The whole groundbreaking ceremony can be viewed here).

After the SHINE groundbreaking ceremony, Paul joined Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue at Blain’s Farm and Fleet as part of the Secretary’s five-state RV tour: The ‘Back to Our Roots’ Tour.

Paul answered questions and heard from Blain’s store managers from around the Midwest, learning more about issues facing Wisconsin’s agricultural community.

Like manufacturing, agriculture is a cornerstone of Wisconsin’s economy. It represents 10 percent of total employment in the state. There are tens of thousands of family farms in the state which contribute tens of billions of dollars to the state’s economy. Wisconsin’s not just a great place to make things—look no further than Foxconn for that—but it’s a great place to grow things. Rather than importing vegetables and dairy from overseas, it is vital to support a robust agricultural industry so Americans can eat homegrown products.

And that’s not all. Today, Paul will tour a number of businesses around the First District and participate in employee Q&A sessions to hear from his employers directly. To stay up to date, follow along on Paul’s Instagram.

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