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Summary: This morning, Speaker Ryan called into The Hugh Hewitt Show to discuss theAmerican Health Care Act and how Republicans are repealing and replacing Obamacare through regular order.


“This is regular order. This is how the system was supposed to work, unlike the way the Democrats did it. Let me step back.

“We spent January to June of 2016 designing this plan where every House Republican participated if they wanted to in how to design this plan. That gave us the Better Way agenda. It was basically modeled off of Tom Price’s legislation. And then, we introduced it to the country in June of 2016, and we all ran for election saying here is our plan to repeal and replace.

“Then, we win the election. Then, we proceed to work with the Trump administration, our Senate counterparts and the House Committees to take that plan and translate it into legislative text. Seven member meetings in February alone inviting feedback and explaining provisions to any House Republican who wants to see it.

“Then, you introduce it on Monday. The committees mark it up on Wednesday. Ways and Means, Commerce, now coming to Budget week 2. Week 3, Rules Committee and the floor. That is regular order. That’s as clear and transparent as it can ever get.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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