Contact: Ian Martorana


Tax reform is probably Paul Ryan’s favorite thing to talk about; after all, it is one issue that will touch the lives of nearly every American in all walks of life. The goal of tax reform is simple: More jobs, fairer taxes, and bigger paychecks.

Paul is taking the message of tax reform not only to Wisconsinites, but employees around the country. In the last couple of months, he’s visited with workers in:

Today Paul spoke at the WMC Foundation’s State of Wisconsin Business & Industry luncheon about these proposed reforms.

A tax code that’s simpler, fairer, and more competitive and would allow most individuals to fill out their taxes on a postcard. A tax code that will let Wisconsinites keep more of their own money. A tax code that encourages small businesses to hire Americans and expand their businesses.

Paul spoke more about tax reform on WTMJ’s Scaffidi and Bilstad this afternoon:

“[By] broadening the base and closing loopholes, when you close the loophole, more income is subject to taxation, which allows you to lower tax rates on that income. So that means people get to decide what to do with their money, not special interest groups that manipulate loopholes that decide what you do with your money. So that’s principle number one: Less loopholes, lower tax rates. . . . We believe were going to get stronger economic growth out of this. We’re convinced that lowering tax rates on job creators and jobs and families will lead to a healthier economy.”

“You take those two things and that gets you a stronger economy, a healthier middle class, more successful American businesses making more things in America, paying more salaries and wages in America, and that gets you a stronger economy.”


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