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Madison…Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) released the following statement concerning the passage of the Special Session Assembly Bill 1, which pertains to the $10 billion Foxconn development in southeastern Wisconsin that will positively impact the entire state.

“The Assembly took a major step today to ensure the prosperity of generations of Wisconsinites. And I’m very happy that we passed this bill with bipartisan votes; more Democrats voted for the bill than Republicans voted against. We agree that Wisconsin should move forward on the largest economic development project in state history that will bring thousands of careers, new businesses and opportunities to the Badger State.

“Foxconn’s selection of Wisconsin for its first LCD plant in North America is a testament to the amazing workers we have here and our successful efforts to make our state open for business. This legislation is a worthwhile investment that will bring a new industry to Wisconsin and create a strong, healthy economy.”

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