Contact: Speaker Robin Vos, (608) 266-3387
Rep Jessie Rodriguez, (608) 266-0610

Madison…The Wisconsin State Assembly officially welcomed the newest consulate office to the state at the beginning of its legislative session on Tuesday.  Mexican Consul Julián Adem came to the Capitol at the invitation of Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) and Rep. Jessie Rodriguez (R-Oak Creek).

“With the consulate office opening in Milwaukee just last year, we wanted to give the consul the opportunity to meet with state lawmakers at the Capitol,” said Rep. Rodriguez. “Mexico is an important trade partner to the state and continuing a good relationship is vital to our economy and our citizens.”

According to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, Mexico is the second largest trading partner accounting for 15 percent of total exported goods and more than $3 billion in exported value in 2016.  Last year, exports to Mexico increased nearly 3 percent, more than any other international trading partner.

The idea of a Mexican consulate in Wisconsin began four years ago when Governor Walker responded to a growing Mexican population in Wisconsin by reaching out to the Mexican government for assistance. With support from Senator Ron Johnson and Congressman Sean Duffy, the Mexican president agreed to send Consul Adem to Milwaukee. The consul previously spent three years running an office in Las Vegas.

“On behalf of the Wisconsin State Assembly, I want to thank Consul Adem for coming to Madison and visiting with legislators,” said Speaker Vos. “This is the first step toward developing a stronger partnership between Mexico and our state.”

At the beginning of the legislative session, Rep. Rodriguez and the Assembly presented a citation to Consul Adem as a visual demonstration of the willingness to reach across borders to benefit both of the countries.

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