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Madison…Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) released the following statement after Milwaukee area business leaders formally asked the Legislature to restore the I-94 East-West project.

“We can’t allow essential projects to be overlooked in the transportation budget. While I’m sympathetic to the business leaders who want the East-West project to be funded, our state already prioritized the Zoo Interchange in that region.

“New projects shouldn’t begin in one region at the expense of the rest of southeast Wisconsin and the delays on the I-94 N-S in Racine County have continued for far too long. We will not move forward on the East-West project unless the North-South is on track. Our state can’t afford to ignore a major section of our interstate system.

“Having good roads are essential to Wisconsin’s economy, business growth and job creation. That’s why Assembly Republicans have been advocating for a long-term solution for the transportation funding crisis. We continue to keep all options on the table and have proposed a budget framework of a tax reduction and reforms coupled with an increase in revenue for transportation needs.

“I look forward to working with business leaders from around Wisconsin to encourage more elected officials to focus on finding a sustainable solution for transportation funding in the state budget.”

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