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JANESVILLE – Less than 6 months after being re-elected with 65% of the vote, our new poll, conducted by national pollster Public Policy Polling, has found Paul Ryan’s standing in his district is being eroded by sustained organizing efforts and Ryan’s out-of-step positions. Our poll has found:

  • Paul Ryan’s favorability rating stands at a diminished 49%-44%, while independents hold a net disapproval of -3% (46%-49%).
  • Voters disapprove of Ryan’s TrumpCare plan by a 46%-37% margin (our poll was conducted prior to the release of the CBO numbers yesterday).
  • Voters overwhelming demand that Paul Ryan hold a public town hall meeting. 83% of his constituents believe Paul Ryan should continue his tradition of holding public town halls for residents of his Congressional district, while only 11% do not hold that position.
  • Ryan’s efforts to cut Social Security and Medicare are deeply unpopular in his district. Only 8% support cutting Social Security and Medicare, 11% believe these programs should be expanded, and 77% believe the current programs should be strengthened and protected.
  • By a 50%-40% margin, voters in Wisconsin’s first congressional district want an independent investigation into Donald Trump’s connections to Vladimir Putin and Russian influence in our elections.
  • 55% of voters oppose cutting funding to Planned Parenthood health centers in the district.
  • 73% of voters oppose selling off national public lands, 55% oppose funding cuts to the Department of Interior, 60% oppose the EPA’s change to clean water rules, and 62% oppose funding cuts to clean up the Great Lakes.

You can view the poll in its entirety here. You can learn more about Stop the Speaker PAC and our organizing efforts on our website at

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