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The full Assembly will vote on the Foxconn proposal Thursday, so contact your Assembly Rep today.

This proposal (August 2017 Special Session AB 1) would cost $3 billion in tax credits to Foxconn. Wisconsin taxpayers would not break even until 2043, according to the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau. If 10% of the jobs are taken by Illinois residents — a reasonable expectation — we won’t break even until 2045!

In addition to the direct cost, Wisconsin residents would also pay a high environmental cost. The bill exempts Foxconn from our state’s constitutional protections of wetlands and public waterways and from having to analyze and report its environmental impacts on our water and air quality, and more. Here is our full statement.

Contact your State Assembly Rep today and tell her/him to vote NO the Foxconn bill.

To find your own legislators, click here and enter your address under Find My Legislators.

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