Contact: Amanda L. Brink

Today, Judge Michael Screnock rolled out the endorsement of conservative Justices Gableman, Kelly and Rebecca Bradley. In 2013, Judge Rebecca Dallet endorsed Chief Justice Roggensack, and was financially supported by Chief Justice Roggensack’s campaign in Judge Dallet’s 2014 election.

Chief Justice Roggensack and Justices Zeigler, Gableman, Kelly, and Rebecca Bradley form the conservative majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

This conservative majority of the court has worked diligently to gut worker’s rights as well as Wisconsin’s campaign finance laws. The conservative majority struck a blow to open government by closing their administrative meetings, and they refused to adopt a common-sense recusal rule that would require judges to remove themselves from cases involving their largest donors. Last but not least, this Supreme Court went so far as to punish the 56 Reserve Judges who brought forth the recusal proposal – with all votes along partisan lines.

The following is a quote from Tim Burns, candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court:

“It is time to elect a justice who is not part of the conservative judge club on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. It’s time to elect a justice who is progressive and will look out for working people, not just the wealthy and the well connected.

When I was young our courts were the great equalizer. They made sure that everybody got a fair shot. Now our courts have become the tools of special interests and their efforts to obtain opportunities for themselves. It has to stop.”

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