Contact: David Fladeboe

Osseo, Wisconsin – Today, candidate Steve Toft wrote a letter to Senators Baldwin and Johnson to make a change to the Senate tax reform bill to protect Section 199, the Domestic Production Activities Deduction. The Senate is set to take action on the reform package as early as this week.

“As a candidate for Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District, I am very supportive of reforming our tax code and the bill passed by the House of Representatives. However, I believe changes can be made to further improve this vital legislation,” said Toft. “Section 199 is a provision in the tax code that is vital to areas like Western and Central Wisconsin. Cooperatives and farmers don’t operate like traditional businesses and this deduction is a key component to their success and fair prices they provide.”

The letter urges both Senators to support the overall package and do what they can to restore the deduction.

“Tax reform will jumpstart our economy and put more money in the pockets of hard working Americans. With this simple change, a good bill can be a great bill,” Toft said.

Prior to his military service, Toft grew up on a farm and has a long history of supporting the agriculture community.

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