CONTACT: Craig Thompson, Executive Director
Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin

Transportation Development Association Executive Director Craig Thompson released the
following statement on the action of the Joint Committee on Finance:

“After months at a stalemate, the legislature appears poised to merely kick the can on
transportation, again.

“Despite spirited efforts by many in the legislature to hold out for a responsible transportation solution, the motion passed by the Joint Finance Committee does not even begin to address Wisconsin’s daunting transportation challenges. In fact, this plan actually reduces the Highway Improvement Program by about $250 million from the previous budget.

“Wisconsin needs a plan to improve poor road conditions, help local governments shorten road replacement cycles, rebuild the 50-year old interstate system in southeastern Wisconsin and make other investments to strengthen our transportation system. That is not what we got.

“If there is a silver lining, it is that this time they won’t paper over the problem with a bunch of new debt for our kids to pay off. But they accomplish the reduction in borrowing by decreasing the rehabilitation budget and delaying important projects. This will do nothing to improve the condition of Wisconsin’s roads, which U.S. News & World Report recently ranked 49th in the country.

“Fortunately, the budget is expected to include, as part of the Foxconn deal, funding to complete the final link of the I-94 North-South project, which began in 2008.

“Safe, reliable highway access is vitally important to all companies looking to expand or locate in Wisconsin – not just Foxconn.”

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