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Voters of Wisconsin will get Final Approval on Elimination Effort

MADISON….State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk released the following statement regarding passage of SJR 3, the constitutional amendment to eliminate the state treasurer’s office.

“It is my belief that the Office of State Treasurer in the State of Wisconsin is outdated, not needed, and a waste of taxpayer money.  For this reason, I ran and was elected on the platform of eliminating the treasurer’s office.”

“I believe the citizens of Wisconsin deserve the opportunity to amend the state constitution to eliminate the treasurer’s office.  Voters have elected both my predecessor and I on the pledge to eliminate the antiquated office.”

“I want to thank Senator Fitzgerald and Speaker Vos for bringing SJR 3 up for a vote in the state Senate and state Assembly.  I am very pleased that it passed both chambers this week.”

“This amendment authored by Rep. Michael Schraa and Sen. Dan Feyen is the second step to eliminate the unnecessary position of state treasurer.  Now the voters will get final approval to eliminate this office and save taxpayer money.”

“I hope to be the last Wisconsin State Treasurer.”

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