MADISON… Today, Wisconsin State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk released the following statement in reaction to Representative Michael Schraa’s legislation to require wheel taxes be approved by voter referendum:

“I applaud Rep. Michael Schraa’s legislative fix to require wheel taxes to be approved by referendum. I fully support the legislation he released today.

For many years in Wisconsin, the only way a local government entity could raise money was via referendum. Unfortunately, many local elected officials are using the state law regarding wheel taxes to avoid the support of the people.

For example, the Milwaukee County Board passed a wheel tax of $30. That means that a City of Milwaukee car owner will pay:

$75 in annual registration to the State of Wisconsin
$20 in wheel tax to the City of Milwaukee
$30 in wheel tax to Milwaukee County
Total: $125
Milwaukee car owners will pay 66% more than almost all other car owners

Unfortunately, City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County officials did not need their voters’ approval for their wheel taxes.

Yet, an advisory referendum for Milwaukee County to raise the wheel tax to $60 went down in flames as over 72% of the voters gave a resounding NO to that advisory question on the April ballot (See attached vote breakdown).

Even more ridiculous in Milwaukee County is that the $30 wheel tax being paid by car owners is mostly going to buses.

I am sure many hard-working citizens in Milwaukee are not happy that the money they are forced to pay in a wheel tax isn’t even going to fix the roads they drive on. I just wonder how many know this is what is actually happening with their money.”

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