Contact: U.S. Rep. Moore

“As members of Congress, we have a duty to always put the needs of our constituents before our own. This reckless Republican tax bill not only represents a deep misunderstanding of that responsibility, but also exposes the extent of their indifference to the struggles of poor and working class families.

“The GOP tax scam betrays every tenet of responsible governing and meaningful reform. It further complicates the tax code and creates even more loopholes for their corporate donors. When fully implemented, their plan will raise taxes on every single income group making less than $75,000 per year. Of the advertised tax benefits, 83% will go to the top 1% of taxpayers.

“It’s no secret that CEOs have already stated their intention of passing these tax cuts to their shareholders rather than creating jobs or raising wages. Our constituents are rightfully sick and tired of these empty promises, trickle-down myths, and attempts to chip away at the bedrock safety net programs upon which they depend. That’s why I’ll continue to fight for policies that truly grow our economy and support the needs of regular Americans.”

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