BROOKFIELD,WI – Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner held 8 town hall meetings and office hour events throughout Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District over the past three days, meeting with constituents with views spanning the ideological spectrum.

Healthy crowds, consisting largely of constituents from the Congressman’s district, gathered to express their views and were recognized one by one during the time allotted for public discussion. As always, constituents experiencing individual problems with federal government agencies were also given time after the public portion of each meeting to speak with Congressman Sensenbrenner about their specific situations.

While not everyone had an opportunity to speak in the time allotted, those who were unable to voice an opinion or concern were encouraged to contact the Congressman by phone, email, standard mail, or attend another of hismany upcoming in-person meetings.

Congressman Sensenbrenner: “I hold frequent town hall meetings because I’ve always believed the people deserve to see who represents them, and to have an open forum to voice concerns and discuss the issues. Whether or not we agree, it’s productive to have these conversations – it’s how we grow as a community and a nation.”

Differences in policy positions and beliefs aside, many constituents took the time to thank the Congressman for holding in-person meetings, as well as express their appreciation for his willingness to speak to them directly and answer tough questions during a time when many Members of Congress opt to hold tele-town hall meetings or none at all:

“Many were grateful Rep. Sensenbrenner came as other Congressman avoid their citizens. ‘We respect that so much about him,’ – Fifth District Constituent

We love Rep. Sensenbrenner’s dedication to traveling all over his district. He held 3 town halls this weekend, and has 7 more this month!”Town Hall Project

“He’s been very helpful, and he does a fantastic job. I’m always amazed at his memory; he knows all these facts and figures. I give him a lot of credit.” – Village of Lannon Trustee Jerry Newman

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