Today, the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, and Tammy Baldwin for Senate are releasing a new video that highlights the story of a Wisconsin family and their twin daughters, Anna and Maren who would experience firsthand the damaging effects of the Republican health care repeal bills. Anna and Maren were born premature with a pre-existing heart condition. In the first weeks of her life, Maren faced significant medical challenges and has a history of heart, lung, and kidney disease but was able to receive care life-saving care through Medicaid.

Senate Republican repeal efforts would strip access to quality and affordable coverage away from millions of Americans, drive up costs for people with pre-existing conditions, and gut Medicaid, which families and children across the country depend on every day.

“Republicans are still trying to pass a repeal bill that would be unconscionably cruel and hurt Wisconsin families and children with pre-existing conditions, like Anna and Maren. It’s time we take repeal off the table and come together to make health care more affordable and more accessible so Wisconsin families can afford the comprehensive care that our children deserve,” said Scott Spector, Tammy Baldwin for Senate campaign manager. “Senator Tammy Baldwin will continue to fight for Wisconsinites like Anna and Maren and others who believe that health care is a right for every American, not a privilege for those at the top.”

Watch the family’s story here.

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