I really wish I didn’t need to write this email. But this week the 273rd mass shooting this year happened in Las Vegas, earning the grim moniker, “the deadliest in modern American history.” And like all of you, I am devastated and heartbroken.

It’s frankly hard to comprehend a tragedy of this magnitude. It’s evil and senseless.

But what we’ve seen since are the acts of brave men and women that give us hope in our darkest times. Citizens selflessly sacrificing themselves to save others. Law enforcement putting themselves in harm’s way to catch the perpetrator. Lines down the block to donate blood to help victims.

And it’s past time for Washington insiders to take a cue from these American heroes doing everything they can to save lives, and do their part.

I’m at the table and ready to talk to all stakeholders about what we can do to stop this violence. There are absolutely solutions that most Americans agree on that could save lives. But the powerful special interests that have rigged the system are saying “no.” Well, I’ve never bowed to them before, and I certainly won’t now when lives are at risk.

Like all of us, the victims of this tragedy are in my thoughts and prayers. But, I don’t want to have to write another email like this ever again. So, to my colleagues, let’s move past thoughts and prayers. It’s time for action.

With hope for our future,


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