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University of Wisconsin-Stout and Chippewa Valley Technical College have reached an agreement in which CVTC liberal arts students seeking to transfer to the university will be guaranteed admission.

“CVTC’s guaranteed admission agreement with UW-Stout ensures a seamless transition for our liberal arts students to complete a baccalaureate degree,” said Julie Furst-Bowe, CVTC vice president of instruction and former vice chancellor at UW-Stout. “CVTC students will be able to apply for guaranteed admission to UW-Stout as early as their first year.”

The agreement is designed for students who maintain continuous full-time enrollment in CVTC and complete their associate degree or general education core credits, then wish to attend UW-Stout to complete a bachelor’s degree in a particular program. Students who complete their associate degree at CVTC will have all of their general education requirements at UW-Stout met, except any specifically required for their UW-Stout degree program not taken as part of their CVTC program.

While the agreement guarantees admission to UW-Stout to CVTC students who meet grade and other requirements, the students must still meet any requirements for admission to their desired program.

“UW-Stout has always had a great working relationship with CVTC and its students. This agreement solidifies the relationship even more as well as providing more contact between the students and a transfer counselor at UW-Stout,” said Linda Young, UW-Stout associate director of Admissions for transfer and articulation. “The plan is for more UW-Stout presence at CVTC for one-on-one meetings with students to answer any questions they may have.”

CVTC students will be encouraged to apply for guaranteed admission to UW-Stout as early as possible so they may work with both institutions to stay on track during their college career.

“This dual enrollment will give students access to advising experts at both campuses, ensuring accurate and efficient degree completion,” Furst-Bowe said.

The guaranteed admission agreement is effective at the start of the fall 2017 semester.

For more information on the guaranteed admission agreement, contact the CVTC recruitment team at 715-833-6300 or Young,, 715-232-1787.

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