CONTACT: Greg Leaf

Cathy Leaf

Senator Kathleen Vinehout is announcing she will run for Wisconsin governor on the Democratic ticket during a “Putting People First” rally in Black River Falls on September 25, 2017.

In her prepared remarks, she will say: “I am running for Governor to turn the state’s priorities upside down. I am running for Governor to put people first, at the center of state policy and the top priority when it comes to spending the state’s dollars. My vision for tomorrow is very different from where the state is today.”

“Over the last several years Wisconsin has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on tax breaks and cash payments to individual private corporations. And the Governor and Republican legislators just committed $3 billion more to Foxconn, a corporation not known for keeping its promises. At the same time, state support for public schools and local governments in real dollars has been cut.”

“When looking to build, relocate or expand in a state, company after company emphasizes they look for good schools, skilled workers, a transportation network, safe streets, efficient local services, clean air and water, recreation opportunities, and cultural amenities. That is where we should be spending the public’s tax dollars.”

“This is my vision for Wisconsin. A state that puts people first, where we build from the bottom up, not from the top down, where workers are paid a living wage, everyone has access to affordable health care, and tuition at our technical colleges and two year colleges is free for all high school students and workers who need new skills.”

“Putting people first also means local control. Decisions that affect the quality of life in a community should be made by the residents and local officials of that community.”

“I believe that putting people first is the surest way to building vibrant communities where people want to live, work, play, raise a family and start a business. Communities in which we all share the effort. We all share the rewards. Where everyone’s participation is honored and respected.”

“This is the vision I would like to take to the Governor’s Office. I am ready to run. With your help and your votes, we will win.”

Before being elected to public office for the first time in 2006, Sen. Vinehout, of Alma, was a college professor for 10 years and then following her childhood dream, started her own dairy farm and milked cows for 10 years. She has been re-elected twice.

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