Contact: Sam Singleton-Freeman

Shorewood, Wisconsin — On Wednesday, Shorewood Villlage Trustees and community members held a press conference to discuss Shorewood’s new sanctuary resolution, passed unanimously by the Shorewood Village Board of Trustees on Monday. nce to discuss the new measures.The Resolution for Justice and Dignity declares the village will stand against discrimination and defend the constitutional rights of people under attack from the Trump Administration, including immigrants, LGBTQ people, Muslims, African-Americans, women, and others.

Shorewood’s actions come as Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has approved new Milwaukee Police Department policies that allow MPD officers to investigate immigration status at anytime, and that force officers to call ICE directly if they detain someone they think is an immigrant. Mayor Barrett and the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission can still rescind the policies. Voces de la Frontera members will hold a rally at 5pm at City Hall on Thursday, July 13th, before attending the 5:30 meeting of the Fire and Police Commission.

“The Shorewood Police Department is committed to providing law enforcement services to the community with due regard for the racial, cultural or other differences of those served,” said Shorewood Chief of Police Peter Nimmer in a statement he provided before Wednesday’s press conference. “It is the policy of this department to provide law enforcement services and to enforce the law equally and fairly without discrimination toward any individual or group. Race, ethnicity or nationality, religion, sex, sexual orientation, economic status, age, cultural group, immigration status, disability or affiliation with any other similar identifiable group shall not be used as the basis for providing differing levels of law enforcement service or the enforcement of the law.” Village Trustee Tammy Bockhorst read Chief Nimmer’s statement at the press conference after delivering her own remarks.

“We elected officials owe it to our residents to ensure they feel respected, are safe, and have opportunities to thrive,” said Shorewood Village Trustee Tammy Bockhorst. “I am proud that the Shorewood Board of Trustees unanimously voted to pass the Resolution for Justice and Dignity. I hope that through our combined action we can encourage other communities to take similar action that pushes back against the unconstitutional, discriminatory and anti-family practices threatened by the the federal government that can lead to unnecessary tensions between police and the community. We believe that families should stick together, that we should look out for each other, and that hard work should be rewarded. I look forward to working with Voces and the Shorewood Solidarity Network to ensure that our community continues to welcome aspiring Americans.”

“It feels great to know that the village has adopted a resolution that aims to protect me,” said Voces de la Frontera member Alejandra Gonzalez, an undocumented college student who works as a nanny in Shorewood. “We applaud the leadership of the Shorewood Village Board of Trustees in standing with communities threatened by the Administration. In the City of Milwaukee, Mayor Barrett recently followed Trump’s approach and approved a new policy that forces Milwaukee police officers to inform ICE if they detain someone who is an immigrant. I hope Mayor Barrett can follow Shorewood’s example and rescind this anti-immigrant policy.”

“Extreme poverty pushed my parents to take the risk and bring their children to unknown lands for the sake of giving us a better life,” continued Gonzalez. “Their efforts are reflected in the careers my brother and I have chosen. He’s currently serving our country overseas, and I attend Alverno College and plan to advocate for accessible health care after graduation. Thank you to the Village Board of Trustees and to the people of Shorewood and the organizations like Shorewood Solidarity Network and Voces that made this victory possible. My story is not unique, and we will continue to advocate for immigrants and other marginalized community members in our city.”



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