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In an article by James Wigderson in Right Wisconsin on Thursday, Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist calls out the Club for Growth for its misleading attacks on Leah Vukmir and Scott Walker.

Below is Norquist’s statement:

“Senator Leah Vukmir is one of the most conservative state legislators in the nation and is [a] hero to taxpayers.

“Senator Vukmir and Gov. Scott Walker have cut taxes by $8 billion since the beginning of 2011. On top of that, they’ve saved Badger State taxpayers $5 billion through the landmark Act 10 entitlement reform enacted six years ago over the protests of violent union goons. They’ve also enacted Right to Work, which frees workers from being forced to join a union as a condition of employment, and repealed prevailing laws that increase the taxpayer cost of public projects. Those are just a few of their highlights.

“Some consultant who obviously knows nothing about Wisconsin politics has misled the Club for Growth with cherry picked data. These same bogus and false attacks could also be levied at Gov. Walker. The good news is, Wisconsin voters are smart enough to see these attacks against Vukmir and Walker for what they are: lies.”

Meanwhile, Leah’s primary opponent Kevin Nicholson remains silent and lets the lies about the governor and Leah continue.

Read the full article in Right Wisconsin.

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