BREAKING: The Trump administration has issued an Executive Order ending subsidies paid to insurance providers, rolling back a vital and necessary part of the Affordable Care Act.

Tell Trump we won’t stand for such blatant disregard
for the health and well being of millions of Americans. Add your name.

On Thursday, Donald Trump launched another assault on the Affordable Care Act, this time cutting federal subsidies that offset costs for low-income Americans and setting off a potential collapse of our healthcare system as we know it.

By cutting these subsidies, Trump is putting insurance companies in a position to increase premiums, which will disproportionately affect Americans who use health insurance the most — senior citizens, children, and people with pre-existing conditions.

This executive order is unnecessary, cruel, and destructive — and continues to show us who Donald Trump really is.

We need to stand together to show Trump and his administration that we won’t stand for such cruelty against the American people. Add your name now.

We can’t stand by and watch Trump single-handedly destroy health care and one-sixth of our economy with the stroke of a pen. Enough is enough. The time to speak out is NOW.

Add your name to speak out against Trump’s executive order now.

We’ve saved the ACA before, and we’ll do it again.

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