Eau Claire, Wisconsin – Dana Wachs took a voting position on the business development agency that supervises how Scott Walker spends millions of taxpayer dollars each year on private business incentives. Wachs will join the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation as a watchdog for the Wisconsin small businesses and families.

“The time of Scott Walker and WEDC racking up debt on the taxpayer credit card is over,” Wachs said. “Walker and his buddies have taken money that should have gone to our roads and schools and spent like they had holes in their pockets.

“I’ve heard from folks all across Wisconsin at community meetings, in coffee shops, and in diners that they are angry about how Walker is using the state budget as his personal piggy bank. He agreed to make cash payments before anyone in the State of Wisconsin ever saw a real contract.

“We need more transparency, more accountability, and more honesty with the people of Wisconsin. I will vote ‘no’ on any deal that is wrong for the state and I join the bipartisan call for WEDC to share the full Foxconn contract prior to voting on it.”


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