Chip in now to tell Scott Walker: Wisconsinites Vote ‘NO’ on Foxconn.

If I wanted my hard-earned tax dollars to be gambled away, I would go to Las Vegas.

But somehow our money — $3 billion of it to be exact — was put into play in the biggest gamble in Wisconsin history. And we had no say.

Friend — Wisconsin taxpayers weren’t even allowed to see the contract until after a vote was held. Scott Walker signed away our money without showing us what we were getting. Chip in $5 now to tell Scott Walker that Wisconsinites deserved to see the $3 billion gamble that we will now be paying off for decades.

Dana is right — this scheme is a prime example of why we need to unseat Walker in 2018. It’s time to elect a governor who would never gamble away your hard-earned dollars. Chip in so we can get Scott Walker out of office.

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