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Gov. Scott Walker reached settlements with 10 vendors paying them less than what he owed to help retire his campaign debt, according to a letter his campaign sent the FEC.

Walker’s campaign announced on Friday that he had paid off his remaining bills from his failed presidential bid. That met his previous pledge to pay off his debts by the end of 2016, clearing the deck ahead of an expected bid for a third term in 2018.

According to the letter, Walker originally owed the 10 vendors $374,083, but reached deals to settle the debts collectively for $333,448, a reduction of $40,635.

The biggest reduction was the $10,000 Walker shaved off the $30,000 he owed Drucker Lawhorn LLP.

The debt reduction plan needs FEC approval, and the $40,635 was still listed as an outstanding debt on Walker’s latest campaign finance filing.

That report, filed Friday, shows Walker had receipts of $223,726 in December, expenses of $172,471 and $71,870 left in the bank.

Walker’s biggest source of income was $146,992 from Granite Lists for renting out his list of donors.

The report also reflected fundraisers he had in Philadelphia and New York at the end of November.

Some of his individual donors included $5,400 from Robert McNair, chairman and CEO of the NFL’s Houston Texas.

He also listed two donations that were partly refunded and then attributed to the donor’s wife. John Oliver, president of the Oliver Group in Missouri, donated $5,000 originally before half was late attributed to Rachel Oliver. Scott Wagner, president and owner of Penn Waste in Pennsylvania, originally donated $5,400 before half was attributed to Tracy Wagner.

Walker’s biggest disbursement in December was the $100,000 he paid to FLS Connect LLC to over the last of his outstanding debt to the Minnesota telemarketing firm.

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