Scott Walker continued to lay the foundation for his expected re-election bid next month with a new digital ad campaign that features the incumbent saying “there’s more to be done.”

It’s the latest move Walker has made in recent months as he works toward an early November announcement that he’ll seek a third term in 2018.

The 60-second spot shows scenes of Walker around Wisconsin as he touts the chance to make things better for the state each day. He says taxes were lowered because the state has a surplus, “we’re investing more into schools than ever before,” UW tuition has been frozen and “more people have access to health care here than just about anywhere else in America.”

Walker’s to-do list includes job training, creating jobs and making schools “even better.”

The spot closes with a shot of Walker riding a Harley-Davidson and looking at the camera to ask, “Are you with me?” before zooming ahead. The frame then closes with the campaign’s new logo, a white capital W with a red arrow pointing to the right and the phrase “Forward” below.

State Dem Party spokeswoman Melanie Conklin slammed the video as misleading.

“If Scott Walker released an honest video on his track record in Wisconsin, it would show his refusal to expand health care to all Wisconsinites, his rejecting federal money to improve broadband in rural Wisconsin, his wounding cuts to our public schools and his singular pursuit of serving the ultra-wealthy around the country over the majority of middle-class Wisconsin residents,” she said.

Walker’s campaign said the digital campaign will include shorter 15- and 6-second clips. Among other things, it will appear as pre-roll on YouTube videos. Display ads also are part of the buy.


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