Several top aides to Gov. Scott Walker’s previous runs are returning for his 2018 re-election bid, and Mike Grebe, former head of the conservative Bradley Foundation, will again once again chair the effort.

The guv’s campaign today announced key players on the re-election team as Walker prepares for Sunday’s formal announcement that he will seek a third term.

Along with Grebe, who has chaired every Walker campaign since 2010, Milwaukee philanthropist Jon Hammes will serve as finance committee chair.

Meanwhile, longtime Walker aides Keith Gilkes, R.J. Johnson, Joe Fadness and Bill Eisner again have roles in his campaign.

Gilkes will serve as general consultant, while Johnson will again be the senior strategic adviser. Both have had leadership roles in Walker’s three previous gubernatorial campaigns, including the 2012 recall victory.

Walker announced in May that Fadness, a former state GOP executive director, will serve as campaign manager. Eisner, president of Nonbox, will again produce TV and other paid advertising. Both have worked with Walker since his days as Milwaukee County exec.

See the release.

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