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Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow:

This week, Wisconsin lawmakers will convene for a special session to consider legislation that will solidify Foxconn coming to Wisconsin. Today I am urging bipartisan support for the bill in order to bring thousands of jobs and a new era of economic development to the state.

When I campaigned for the honor of becoming Waukesha County Executive, I was very clear that my priority is to help Waukesha County become the epicenter of economic development in Wisconsin. Since then, we’ve created the Waukesha County Center for Growth, in partnership with the Waukesha County Business Alliance; the University of Wisconsin Small Business Development Center; the City of Waukesha; and eleven other municipalities. The Center for Growth enables Waukesha County to leverage Wisconn Valley’s economic potential.

This opportunity will impact job growth in Waukesha County in the near future and for generations to come. Along with the announcement of the plant, Foxconn has significant supply chain demand. We will see new companies moving into the area with the anticipation of 22,000 supply chain positions.

I am already hearing from Waukesha County business owners who have been asked whether they can ramp up production in order to meet Foxconn’s needs. The tech giant is expected to make $4.26 billion in supplier purchases each year, and about a third of that will come from Wisconsin companies, including our local businesses.

Bringing in Foxconn will also mean job opportunities for local students when they graduate college. In fact, Waukesha County Technical College already has a program in place to train students for the types of skilled positions expected in Wisconn Valley. With an average salary of $53,875 plus benefits, the jobs offered at the new facility will certainly attract top talent.

The bottom line is that this deal will have a generational impact on the entire state of Wisconsin, and we will certainly see the benefits right here in Waukesha County. I ask all state legislators, Republicans and Democrats alike, to vote in favor of job creation, in favor of providing opportunities for our working families, in favor of a brighter future for the students attending our technical and four-year colleges and universities, and in favor of this important piece of legislation that could truly have a lasting effect on our state’s future.

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