Contact: Kyle Humphrey
(608) 661-6660

Madison, Wisconsin – The Group Insurance Board (GIB) has awarded WEA Trust with the IYC Access Plan, Medicare Plus, and State Maintenance Plan offerings for state employees for 2018. The plan was previously run by WPS Health Solutions whose contract ends this year. WEA Trust will look to add approximately 10,000 members to their fully insured plan through these plans.

“For the first time in program history, the statewide plans will be offered as fully insured health plans,” said Mike Quist, WEA Trust President and Chief Executive Officer. “Instead of a self-insured option, where there’s a multitude of risks, our fully insured plan has the potential to create savings that ETF can use to help mitigate rising healthcare costs that state employees could experience.”

In addition to the statewide offering, WEA Trust will remain a tier 1 option for state employees in many of the eastern and western counties of Wisconsin. As reported by the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF), six health plans that currently offer health insurance through the state plan will not be doing so in 2018. WEA Trust, already one of the largest carriers for ETF, is excited to offer their high-quality plan with exceptional customer service to an even greater number of state employees.

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