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MADISON – A new poll released Tuesday shows people in Wisconsin care about preserving public lands, protecting clean water, and taking care of the Great Lakes.

“This poll proves something we already understand: Wisconsinites care deeply about public lands, clean drinking water, and protecting our Great Lakes,” Executive Director Kerry Schumann said. “Still, despite the quantifiable positive impacts on Wisconsin’s economy, environment, and quality of life, these attacks continue at both the state and federal level.”

Voters from Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district overwhelmingly agree there are significant benefits to Wisconsin’s economy and quality of life from continued investments in protecting public lands, drinking water, and the Great Lakes. Some highlights of the poll include:

73 percent oppose selling off national public lands, like national forests, national monuments, and wildlife refuges.

55 percent oppose the Trump Administration’s proposed budget cuts to the Department of Interior and a hiring freeze, which could mean fewer park rangers, fewer wildland firefighters, limited wildlife monitoring, and a limited ability to address the backlog of maintenance needs in America’s National Parks.

62 percent oppose the Trump Administration’s proposed 97 percent decrease in money to clean up the Great Lakes.

60 percent oppose President Trump’s order for the EPA to rescind clean water rules, a move that would reduce protections for 60 percent of the nation’s waters from toxic pollution and put the drinking water of 117 million people at risk.

This striking data is profound because 51 percent of those polled voted for President Trump – a clear indication that protecting public land, water, and the Great Lakes is a bipartisan priority in Speaker Ryan’s district.

“We call on Speaker Ryan to stand up for his constituents and protect the places we love, the water we drink, and our amazing Great Lakes,” Schumann said.

The poll was conducted by Public Policy Polling March 9-10 and polled 519 voters in the 1st Congressional District.

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