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(OCTOBER 26, 2017) — The hard-working men and women of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO seek to protect and raise the wages of all of those who work. Wage theft, which is the failure to pay workers the full wages that are legally owed to them, is of grave concern. The victims of wage theft are working people who are being cheated out of their earned wages.

Wisconsin AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Stephanie Bloomingdale testified Thursday at the Senate Committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform in support of Senate Bill 371, urging the Committee to vote in favor of the legislation and bring the bill to the full Senate floor for debate and a vote. Senate Bill 371, The Wage Theft Protection Act, is authored by Senator Bob Wirch (D-Kenosha).

“Every worker should be paid what they are owed,” testified Bloomingdale. “Wage theft is a crime and must be stopped. This bill will make it harder for employers to cheat workers out of hard-earned wages. Whether it’s shaving hours off the time card or misclassifying salaried employees; whether it is deliberate or negligent, wage theft must be eliminated. Workers should be paid for all wages earned, period. Requiring employers to educate workers about their wages and overtime rights is a commonsense

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