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NEENAH, WI – The Wisconsin Assisted Living Association wishes to congratulate Valley VNA Senior Care, located in Neenah, WI, on the recent achievement of Diamond Accreditation in WALA’s quality improvement program, the Diamond Accreditation Program.

WALA’s Diamond Program believes that quality in an assisted living community is multifaceted and not achieved by merely calculating data. Rather, creating a quality AL community is done through implementing systems that support care and enrichment for residents and staff. This ensures that quality improvement work should be an ongoing process that continues after Accreditation.

The Diamond Accreditation Process is built upon three Pillars of Care:
1. Resident/Tenant
2. Leadership
3. Community Workforce

The Diamond Accreditation Program believes these Three Pillars of Care are fundamental to any AL community. The Three Pillars of Care include nine related items, each corresponding to a specific area of organizational processes or results: Activities/Community Involvement, Feedback and Participation, Outcome of Care Standards, Culture, Regulatory Compliance, Leadership Development, Communication, Education and Training, and Performance Standards.

“Valley VNA chose to undertake the challenging, but ultimately prestigious process toward accreditation,” said Jim Murphy, Executive Director of WALA. “Residents and families should recognize WALA Diamond Accreditation as a significant badge of honor and quality in assisted living.”  Dennis Yadon, WALA Diamond Program Director added: “I have worked closely for over 3 years with the Valley VNA team to review and help them improve their quality processes. Valley VNA continues to be a leader in this area. Congratulations.”

Valley VNA Senior Care needed to apply with a detailed report of the quality improvement programming they have implemented within the three Pillars of Care, as well as a letter of recommendation from another assisted living provider. WALA’s Diamond Program then had a professionally trained team of evaluators go to Valley VNA Assisted Living and conduct interviews as well as review their quality improvement-related documents. During this thorough process, the evaluators rated their findings to develop a final score in all of the nine items described above in order to become Accredited.

For more information about the Diamond Accreditation Program and Valley VNA Senior Care go to

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