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Wisconsin School Board Week is Oct. 1-7
John H. Ashley, WASB Executive Director

 Public schools are the heart of our communities and our democracy. They ensure that every child has an opportunity to receive an education and become a productive member of society. To oversee this important work and provide accountability for how taxpayer dollars are spent, every community in Wisconsin elects its own school board members.

Throughout the year, these locally elected school board members devote significant amounts of time and energy to our public schools. They do this public service because they believe in the importance of our public schools and our students.

School board service is not easy. School boards are tasked with developing the district’s mission and vision, advocating for schools at the local, state and federal levels, and overseeing multimillion dollar budgets. Boards approve contracts, hire and evaluate the district administrator, set policy, oversee curriculum development, and much more. Board members must be responsive to the district’s present needs and set the groundwork for future success, ever mindful that they are accountable to their local communities.

I’m proud to report that Wisconsin’s tradition of a quality public education system is as strong today as ever. School boards throughout the state are overseeing initiatives to expand career pathways, improve academic rigor, develop positive school cultures and support the whole child. Every district, with the support of their boards, are finding ways to improve. Board members are also reaching out to state and federal lawmakers, advocating for your local schools and the state’s public education system. This work was evident in the recently signed state budget which provided a larger increase in school funding than we have seen in years. There are challenges before us as always, but locally elected school boards are committed to reflecting the values of their communities.

Our school board members deserve thanks and recognition for their work, leadership, and public service. Please join me in thanking your local school board members during Wisconsin School Board Week, October 1-7.

The Wisconsin Association of School Boards is a nonprofit association that provides information and services to Wisconsin school boards in the areas of school law and policymaking, bargaining, legislation and leadership development.

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