Contact: Stephanie Harrison, 608-277-7477

As the House prepares to vote on the American Health Care Act, Wisconsin’s Community Health Centers are sharing their concerns with lawmakers.

“The American Health Care Act threatens Community Health Centers’ ability to care for patients by cutting the Medicaid program, making coverage less affordable, and increasing the number of uninsured Wisconsinites,” said Stephanie Harrison, CEO of the Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association.

As it exists today, Medicaid has enabled Health Centers to respond quickly to community needs, whether that means early prenatal care to improve birth outcomes, treatment for substance abuse and other addictions, or addressing dental emergencies. A capped funding structure risks Community Health Centers’ ability to rapidly respond to the urgent needs in their communities.

In 2015, Wisconsin Community Health Centers served 1 in 7 Medicaid recipients, yet accounted for less than 3% of the total Medicaid budget. Community Health Centers rely on Medicaid to care for Wisconsin communities, and they know the importance of Medicaid’s sustainability because it is directly tied to theirs.

“We urge Members of the House to support Community Health Center patients, and vote against the American Health Care Act,” said Harrison.

Community Health Centers provide primary medical, oral, and behavioral health services throughout the State of Wisconsin. With over 100 service delivery sites, Health Centers provided comprehensive care to 307,549 individuals in 2015. For more information on Wisconsin Health Centers, please visit

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