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The U.S. Constitution has served our nation well for over 200 years, but a growing national movement is trying to open the door to drastic changes to our government’s founding document. Lawmakers across the country are trying to amend our Constitution by calling for a constitutional convention.

So what does that mean? It means that if enough states pass resolutions calling for a convention, Congress must assemble one. Each state would send delegates to the convention, who could then potentially make wholesale changes to the Constitution, with disregard for checks and balances. 28 states have already called for a convention and just six more are needed.

Check out this great video that explains the dangers of assembling a constitutional convention.

Wisconsin state legislators are under intense pressure from outside groups to pass a resolution calling for a convention. Fortunately, advocates within Wisconsin and across the country are pushing back against this damaging course of action.

And it’s working. Just last week, as a result of grassroots activism, Maryland rescinded its call. Here in Wisconsin, the leader of the State Senate wants to slow down the legislative process, giving Wisconsin lawmakers more time to consider the ramifications of the resolution. That means advocates like you have more opportunity to make the case to lawmakers that putting our Constitution up for grabs is too dangerous.

Your state legislators need to hear from you that Americans across the political spectrum value keeping the Constitution as it is. Here are some steps you can take to tell Wisconsin lawmakers to protect the Constitution:

  • Use the tool at Constitutional to ask them to oppose SJR 18/AJR 21. And follow the Constitutional Defenders Facebook page to keep up to date with new developments.
  • Tweet at them, reminding them SJR 18/AJR 21 threatens our fundamental freedoms. Use the hashtag #NoConCon
  • Contact your state legislators in other ways. If you’re not sure who represents you, this website can help.

Time is of the essence. Act now to tell your state legislator that we can’t risk re-writing our nation’s governing document.

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