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The Wisconsin District Attorney Association, a volunteer organization,
representing Wisconsin’s District Attorneys, Deputy District Attorneys and
Assistant District Attorneys released the following statement on Governor
Scott Walker’s signing of the budget bill:

The WDAA thanks the Legislature and Governor for funding the merit-based
pay plan of Deputy and Assistant District Attorneys in the State budget bill.
Deputy and assistant district attorneys are vital to the communities they
serve as they are crucial in prosecuting large caseloads in district attorney
offices statewide.

The WDAA helped galvanize a united message and support between the
Association of State Prosecutors, Legislators and the Governor in making
meaningful pay progression a reality. The WDAA used grass-roots lobbying
and organized the 2 nd annual “Prosecutors day at the Capitol,” when over
100 legislators were personally visited by prosecutors from across

The WDDA wishes to also thank the Legislature, and especially Rep. Ron
Tusler, Rep. Mark Born, Sen. Van Wanggaard and Sen. Janet Bewley for
authoring and passing a long sought after Prosecutor Board, like the Public
Defender Board, to manage the District Attorney Program. This legislation
was unfortunately vetoed by Governor Scott Walker. The WDAA will
continue to work with the Legislature and Governor Walker to make a
prosecutor board a reality to best manage the District Attorney Program.

The WDAA is committed to further its mission of prosecutors volunteering
their time to work on behalf of all prosecutors to represent the profession
and the pursuit of justice in the remaining session days of the 2017-2018
Wisconsin Legislative session.

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